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N・Y Actors Workshop is looking for new students. If you want to fulfill your real potential
as an actor, become more attractive, and break out of your shell, or anyone who really wants to improve his acting skills can join the group. There is no interview or audition required. People of all nationalities, any age, or those with no experience may join. Keep in mind the fact that sometimes there are lessons offered for the general public to participate in freely. In all the arts there are a variety of skills needed whether it be a supple body, a strong voice, or skill in creating things with the hands. But more important then any of these things is the need to have sensitivity of feeling. Feeling is, after all, a quality that all human beings have. It is proof that one is alive. The “Meisner Method” is a way of bringing out and developing each person’s own unique sensitivity. Everyone has attractiveness. Please join us!

One lesson : \1,000 (Only the visit of the lesson is \500.)
Contents of class : acting method, breathing exercises, voice development, etc.
Schedule : Please confirm a schedule.

*Some classes may be canceled due to a holiday so please call beforehand.

*Basics of acting level 1~4, depending on how fast the student progresses. There are no grades given.

SANFORD MEISNER on ACTING is a book written by Meisner himself, the director of the Neighborhood Playhouse, and told in his own lively style. It is a deeply interesting book which documents his life as teacher there. The reader is drawn into this fascinating book and feels as if he himself were taking part in the lessons at the school. The fundamentals of acting---reality, feeling, and doing something real in imaginary circumstances, actually living on stage---such are the things he conveys to us in the book. The book is not only about becoming an actor or an actress. It goes much deeper, it probes the meaning of art in its deepest sense.


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