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From May 2018, change the workshop to Shinkoiwa.
I revise a lesson rate from November, 2012.
\ 1,000/1 lesson (Only the visit of the lesson is \500.)
A workshop is at an GEINOU-KADENSHA for 2007 through 2018.
March 18, 2007 I resume a workshop! 1 lesson \1,500 without an entrance fee. Please reserve in advance. Please confirm a "map" and a "schedule." In workshop, reservation is necessary in advance.
November 19, 2006  Now, I did giving lessons for the external group. Please ask directly for details.
August 14, 2006   The Japanese list was added to the page of "the actors who studied the Meisner Technique"

July 31, 2006   The page of "the actors who studied the Meisner Technique" was added.


July, 2006URL changed with office relocation and site relocation lately. Please look at a "Contact us."
In addition, a practice room is under preparation in Tokyo now. Then announce it on this site after decision.

2006 The seminar was done in the meeting room in Shinjuku Nomura Building on February 9 and March 2.
The title was "a communication improvement seminar for younger staff of a company to raise presence."

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