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1975 N・Y ACTORS WORKSHOPis established.

1978 First studio playing and the Tennessee Williams’s "A Streetcar Named Desire" are released. Directing and starring, Yoshiko Nakaima.

1979 Second studio playing and the Oscar Wilde’s "The Importance of being Earnest" are released. Directing and starring, Yoshiko Nakaima.

1984 It participates in The First World Theater Festival held in Okinawa Jean-Jean.

1985 3rd studio playing, and "a week and a theater" are released. Directing and starring, Yoshiko Nakaima. This released one scene of a few work goods as a student's exhibition.

1986 An acting class is opened even in the culture center in Ikebukuro Sunshine City.

1992 The Japanese version of the "Sanford Meisner on acting" is published from a Jiritsu-shobo.

2001 Atsushi Dempoya succeeds superintendence and two playing of starting a new business, a "dam waiter", and "the Tiger" are released as a theatrical company.

2002 On June. Second playing, Neil Shimon’s "Come Blow Your Horn" is released.

During July to September, I wrote Mrs. Nakaima's words. It was published by the monthly "KODOJIN" of JECC Co., Ltd.
The theme is "a genius is a phenomenon."

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      The July issue.   The August issue.   The September issue.

2004 Our workshop and life skill group tied up from September.
Then, the seminar for enterprise people was planned.
The content combined a life skill group's SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and
Meisner method.

2005 The seminar was done in the meeting room in Shinjuku Nomura Building
on February 9 and March 2.
The title was "a communication improvement seminar for younger staff of
a company to raise presence

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