Summary of Meisner Technique.

Focus on partner. Look fully and hear fully and repeat, repeat and repeat.

 And then "How you feel about it" say to partner.


<<The first step:REPETITION>>

It faces each other by two persons, and "What did you feel about the partner?" it says to the partner. Another partner says to a partner repeatedly using the same words. This is repeated several times. Then, repeating, the emotion of having happened to oneself is put on the words, and it says to a partner. It’s not the whole story, but it’s the beginning of something. And this becomes the most important foundation of all stages.

<<The second step:ACTIVITY>>

Some one person doing work, at this time, those who work are going to complete the delicate work which self can enjoy. From outside, the partner knocks at the door and enters. It is the same as a first step after that. However, one person does, with working.

<<The first half of the third step:Reason & Purpose>>

In addition to the second step, those who work, and those who enter from the door carry out by having "a reason and the purpose important for an individual." It is the same as the third step after that.

<<The second half of the third step:Emotional Preparation>>

In addition to the first half of the third step, it is practice with "emotion preparation" necessary for the reason and purpose. It is the same as the first half of the third step after that.

※It is not psychological empathy.

<<The fourth step: Relationship>>

In addition to the third step, it is practice with a mutual relationship. It is the same as three steps after that. This step becomes the same as a "scene."

<<The fifth step:Characterization>>

In addition to the fourth step, moreover, it is practices with the characteristic necessary for the person. It is the same as the fourth step after that.

         Others: A movement, a breathing method, the utterance, etc.

                       Scene study

Ignore the stage direction in the script, you want to a detailed understanding of the situation from the dialogue.

When reading the script, read without uttering a word and without considering intonation and expression.

When you read the script together with partners, read it while doing that it unrelated to script.
For example, such as while taking a walk or while dining at a restaurant or cafe.

Then practice with a configuration of script.

The above is just a summary. People's sensibility is various and progress of a lesson may be somewhat different for person. However, please understand beforehand that it is never superiority or inferiority as an actor.

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